Budgie Toys

Helpful ideas for toys for your budgie.

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bugdie in finger

Budgies are bright, active animals and they like to interact with their environment. Giving your budgie toys is the perfect way to stimulate its active, inquisitive nature and keep it happy. Here are some ways you can provide your budgie with toys he'll love.

  • Make your own budgie toys.

    It's actually quite easy to make toys for your budgies from scratch. Good materials for toys include leather string, plastic buttons, wood beads and plastic beads, and key rings. Combine these in interesting ways to make toys your bird can chew, or swing from, or grab with its feet. Make hoops, ropes, ladders out of the materials. The possibilities are endless, and in a few short minutes you can have something your budgie loves.

  • Try cat toys.

    Many budgie owners swear by cat toys as the most entertaining toys for their birds. They're also cheap, durable and easy to come by, so they make a great option.

  • Buy handmade toys online.

    Or, if you want to go in the other direction, you can buy handmade toys for your budgie online. Sites like Etsy.com have beautiful, hand-crafted toys made by artisans that your bird will love and that will brighten up your budgie's cage.

Note: It is said you should not buy a mirror for your budgie, as they will grow overly-attached to their own image (thinking it is another budgie) and lose interest in you.

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