Ten things you didn't know about budgies

Interesting facts, trivia and details about budgies that you may not have known.

my farvorite budgie picture

bugdie in finger

two budgies

a yellow budgie

  1. The color around the nostrils indicates the gender of a budgie. Females have a pinkish-brown color, males have purple or blue coloring.

  2. The budgie's natural coloring in the wild is yellow and green. Other colors have been created over the years by breeders.

  3. The budgie's formal name, "Budgerigar" means "good to eat" in the langauage of indigenous Australians.

  4. Budgies never use their feet to eat, making them rare among parrot breeds.

  5. The world's record for bird with the largest vocabulary belongs to a budgie!

  6. When a budgie shakes its feathers, it signals that it is relaxing.

  7. Budgies have also been called "scallop parrot", "zebra parakeet" and "undulate grass parakeet".

  8. The oldest budgie ever recorded lived 29 years.

  9. Budgies were introduced to Europe in 1840.

  10. The budgie is the most widely-kept companion bird in the world.

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