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- I still don't get it.

Okay, try reading the dictionary definition.

- How do i make my grafedia recognizeable? (Alternately,How do I recognize grafedia?)

If you are writing a single word of grafedia, then the clearest way to express it is by writing the full address, 'your_word@grafedia.net' with a blue line underneath. Or if what you are writing consists of larger phrases or sentences with grafedia links sprinkled throughout, you can write the links as regular words with blue underlines, but no '@grafedia.net' after them, and then write a little 'key' underneath for viewers to see. Feel free to throw these instructions away and improvise, however.

- How will people know to enter the address of my grafedia into their phones?

If they don't figure it out, it probably wasn't meant for them.

- Will this work on my phone?

That depends on 1) Who your carrier is, 2) What model phone you have and 3) what your plan is with your carrier. T-mobile, Cingular and Verizon are currently the only carriers in the Eastern U.S. whose systems are known to support picture messaging from senders outside the carrier's own network.

- What if a word I choose is already taken?

If you choose a word that is already taken, you will be notified of this, and asked to pick a different word, either a synonym or a variant of the same word.

- How long can a word be?

A word can be up to 20 characters long, and can include underscores, numbers and even spaces, but not punctuation. Remember, though, that the longer the word, the less likely someone is to bother entering it into their phone.

- What's the funniest Grafedia ever made?

Possibly 'high@grafedia.net'.