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Make Grafedia From Your Phone...

Grafedia authors can make hyperlinked text at any time in three easy steps. Simply
  1. choose a word.

  2. send a media file from your cell phone to that chosen word plus '@grafedia.net' . This combination, the word + '@grafedia.net', becomes your grafedia link for that word.

  3. write, draw, paint, tatoo, or print that grafedia link anywhere in the real world in blue with an underline, to allow others to access your media files.

There's no need to create an account or log in to upload work to grafedia.net. You can just anonymously upload an image and link it to a word, then go out and make grafedia with it.


Or Make Grafedia Now!

You can upload media files directly from your computer using the form below. This allows you to create grafedia with images and sound files not made on your cell phone.

*note: currently only .wav files are allowed as uploads. We'll include mp3 soon. Sound files must be < 100k.

Upload Images/Sounds to Make Grafedia:
Upload an image/sound and a word to make grafedia:


Associated word: